Recuerdos - Sakis Petropoulos
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Arcanum - Sakis Petropoulos
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Proelium - Sakis Petropoulos
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Wozzeck - Sakis Petropoulos
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Meditation - Sakis Petropoulos
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Rising - Sakis Petropoulos
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LaCrima - Sakis Petropoulos
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Elegie - Sakis Petropoulos
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AdNostrum - Sakis Petropoulos
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Obscurum - Sakis Petropoulos
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Born in Athens, Sakis Petropoulos began studying classical guitar at the age of nine. In 2001, he graduated from the National Conservatory of Athens, with Professor Kyriakos Mitrokotsas, with high degree of virtuosity and three years later was graduated. Sakis studied Musicology at the Music Department of the Philosophical School of Kapodistrian University of Athens, while he got his Harmony,Counterpoint, Fugue and Orchestration Degree with excellence.


Sakis studied composition with Harvard Phd and Berkley Professor Alexandros Kalogeras and Professor in Aristotle University Christos Samaras. He has a Master's Degree in Composition for Film, Theater and Performing Arts, in Ionian University under the supervision of Dimitris Maragopoulos.


From 2001 to 2003 he was the Artistic Director of Nea Peramos Music Festival where music from many genres, Video Art but also Choir concerts had taken place.


His music for the George Nichols silent film "Cinderella" (1911) was performed in Old University of Athens as well as the Historical Museum of Athens and other cities all over Greece.


He has given many recital all over Greece, Europe and Latin America, as a solo artist, as well as with several bands where he is experimenting with different styles of music like rock, blues, funk, soul, jazz, ethnic, and playing also other instruments, such as drums, percussion, bass, bouzouki etc.


In May 2008, the Department of Foreign Affairs asked Sakis to represent Greece as a soloist in the European Festival which was taking place in Brazilia, Brazil. At that time he also played for the Brazilian Television (TV SENADO) and for the Brazilian Radio Super FM, Brazilia.


He has over twenty years of teaching experience and his students are distinguished in competitions all over Greece . He works as a classical guitar professor in the National Conservatorium of Athens, Peristeri Department.


As a composer his chamber music works were performed in Athens and in other cities of Greece.


He currently works as a film composer in a feature film with DreamChaser Films, a U.S. based company, and was contracted for two more feature films with Dream Team Pictures starring Eric Roberts and Tom Sizemore.



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